Industry Experience

C&I Studios

After graduating from The University of Central Florida, Jeff returned to South Florida and began freelancing as a PA with C&I Studios.

During this time, Jeff gained valuable hands-on experience with one of South Florida’s leading production studios, working both on and off set, assisting producers, camera operators, and other production workers in the filmmaking process.

Some of the projects Jeff worked on include music videos for artists, such as Black Violin and Cris Cab, and interviews of professors, students, and organization leaders on the Florida International University campus.


Office duties include:

  • Providing administrative assistance, such as breaking down the logistics of scripts in preparation for shoots, overseeing the delivery of props and décor, and distributing talent release forms.
  • Managing the arrival of talent, production equipment, and set designs during studio-hosted events, known as Crew Call.
  • Assisting in the production of in-studio interviews, known as Uncreative Radio.

FIU: The Next Horizon

C&I Studios partnered with Stinghouse Advertising to shoot interviews for The Next Horizon, a campaign that focuses on putting FIU at the forefront of student success and research excellence.

-Video Examples-


Adrenaline Films

During the spring of 2019, Jeff interned with Adrenaline Films, a full-service video production company specializing in branding, corporate, commercial, and broadcast productions.

As an intern, Jeff worked under the equipment coordinator, overseeing the studios warehouse while also transferring props/studio equipment to and from shooting locations.

While working in the studio, Jeff also worked in the equipment room, prepping production equipment, such as video cameras, audio mixers, and grip bags for crews going out on shoots.

Other office duties include:

  • Performing the duties of a PA on live-air broadcasts and in-studio productions.
  • Running camera footage between shooters and edit teams for footage dumps.
  • Operating company vehicles to run errands, such as transporting equipment, crew members, props/decor, and meal pick-ups.
  • Assist in the supervision of production stages, wardrobe/green rooms, and green screens areas.


While focusing on the production process, Jeff worked as a PA on various corporate, promotional, and marketing videos, assisting crews of camera operators, sound mixers, and gaffers.

Video Examples:


The Brooklyn Cafe TV

During the fall of 2018, Jeff interned with The Brooklyn Cafe TV, a live-streamed radio show that promotes events and local businesses throughout South Florida.

While taking part in his internship, Jeff demonstrated strong leadership skills to help with each broadcast’s overall production. He oversaw all studio equipment, including video cameras, soundboards, microphones, lighting, and studio guests.

When on location, Jeff transferred equipment, such as cameras and lighting, to and from each shooting location, and prepped all equipment for live broadcasts. 

Other office duties include:

  • Assisting in the live-streaming of studio sessions via Facebook and Instagram.
  • Gathering b-roll footage and conducting interviews with studio guests.
  • Conducting research reports on current clients for future promotions.


Each video below was both shot and edited by Jeff and used for promotional content:


Kids At Play

During the summer of 2017, Jeff interned in Los Angeles with Kids At Play, a one-stop production company specializing in creating content for television, film, and other forms of digital media.

As an intern, Jeff worked in-house under the executive assistants, organizing and reviewing screenplays in preparation of coverage reports for feature-length films and television pilots.

Other office duties included:

  • Collaborating with the creative director to research and create various television show concepts for networks, such as The Food Network and The Travel Channel.
  • Assisting with in-house productions.
  • Compiling and organizing documents of equipment/prop rental purchases for the company’s producer.
  • Assisting in the transporting of studio equipment and prop rentals.


During his summer, Jeff also worked as a PA on The Skimm’s new show Skimm’d With: a newsworthy platform, hosted by celebrities, that focuses on issues such as Brexit, healthcare, and global warming.

Jeff also worked on set as a PA for Comedy Central’s: Craft Services with Barak Hardley.


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